“Intoxicated by Theater”
The New York Times


Creative Team

  • Created by: Alon Nashman and Paul Thompson
  • Directed by: Paul Thompson
  • Performed by: Alon Nashman
  • Set by: Gillian Gallow
  • Lighting by: Itai Erdal
  • Sound by: Verne Good
  • Premiere: Stratford Festival of Canada, 2012
  • Produced by: Theaturtle with Richard Jordan and Liz Bradley


John Hirsch, an orphaned Hungarian refugee and Holocaust survivor, redefined Canadian theatre with his brilliant productions and uncompromising vision. HIRSCH reveals the fierce talent and stormy temperament which propelled him to great heights, but as with any exceptional artist, there were casualties along the way.


Press & Reviews.

  • Dame Maggie Smith

    “I had the joy of seeing Alon Nashman’s amazing performance. DON’T MISS IT!”

  • New York Times

    “An interest in the workings of theater -- and the often unbridled passions of the men and women who work backstage to bring it to life -- is all that is really required to enjoy Mr. Nashman’s and Mr. Thompson’s tribute.”

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  • Victoria Times-Colonist

    “Unabashed brilliance...Nashman is a force of nature... Hirsch reminds us how exciting uncompromising theatre — or any art form striving for the highest standards — can be.”

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  • Spoonfed, London

    “Hirsch is a beautifully-written look at the life of one man, brought to life by Nashman’s thrilling performance.”

  • Ottawa Citizen

    “Hirsch is a triumph.”

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  • Toronto Star

    “One of the towering figures of Canadian theatre.”

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  • The American Conservative

    “It’s a very funny, moving, and completely engaging show.”

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